Hi, I'm Hannah! :) This week, I will be keeping an online entry every day telling the story of my "Computer Learning Adventure." Alice in Computation Camp is a 1-week-long camp in which I will learn more about programing computers, using new applications, and animating.

Monday: Day 1!

Today was the first day of "Alice in Computation Camp." One of the first things that I learned today, after introducing ourselves, was that I was going to make my own web page. Once that was said, I soon got to search for backgrounds for my new web page. When I got the background that I wanted, I then learned how to set up my web page with text, images, colors, and a background. I also learned a bunch of commands and codes to be able to put things on my page. It was confusing at first, but then I got used to it quickly.

Also durning the day, Dr. Kumar came to talk to the whole class about fluid mechanics and different types of engineering. This was very interesting and definitely got my attention.

Today was a super fun day and I had a blast! I can't wait until tomorrow's new adventure!

Tuesday: Day 2!

Today was day 2 of "Alice in Computation Camp." Today I did a TON of animating on a program called "Scratch 2." I enjoyed using and playing around with it. I did 3 different projects today. The first one was to get me used to the program. The second one was a game meant for younger children to help them get ready for a hurricane. The last one was my own game.

Also, a guest speaker came in today to talk to us about different types of engineering. It was similar to yesterday's presentaion.

Today's projects:

~Dance Party

~Hurricane Game

~My Game

Wednesday: Day 3!


Today was day 3 of "Alice in Computation Camp." I think today was the most fun of all days. First, Ms. Sarah and Mr. Patrick- from EA Sports- came to talk to the class about the video games they make, people who make it happen, and others who help in the works. Their job sounded extremely interesting and it sounded like they enjoyed doing their job.

Later in the day, I interviewed my friend and she interviewed me. It was SO much fun! After interviewing, I got to edit my video in a program called "iMovie." I got to put titles, props, and other little details to my "movie," which made it pretty cool. iMovie is probably my favorite program I have worked with in this camp.

Towards the end of the day, I learned about a new animation program called "Alice 3." Although this program was very confusing for me to learn, I soon got the hang of it. This animation program was extremely realistic which made it really cool in the end!

Today was the best day in this camp so far and I can't wait until tomorrow! :)

Today's Projects:

~My Inteview

~My Alice3 Project

Thursday: Day 4!

Today was day 4 of "Alice in Computation Camp." The first activity I did today was work on my website and animations. Some people got to present and share their websites, Alice3 animations, and Scratch2 animations.

Later in the morning, Dr. Jesse talked to the class about music made on the computer. He showed the class videos of him making music just using a bowl and a computer. I thought this was so cool. Then, he took the class to see a project he and some others have been working on called "The Humming Mississippi." It was neat to see because the data was actually from the Mississippi.

Half an hour before I had to leave, the class got to see another presentation about Computer Science and Engineering at LSU. A Senior student who goes to LSU also talked to the class about what her engineering life is like. I might consider Computer Science as a job that I might want to do.

Sadly, tomorrow is my last day at this camp, but I think it will be fun and exciting! :)

Friday: Day 5!

Sadly, today was day 5 on "Alice in Computation Camp" :( I started off the day fixing up my website and animations on Scratch2 and Alice3.

Right before lunch, the class was taught a program called "Game Salad." GAME SALAD IS THE MOST CONFUSING PROGRAM I HAVE EVER LEARNED!!! The program is basically a program to make video games on mobile devices and the computer. I changed the background and played around with rules and commands. I also played some games that Game Salad made.

Soon after lunch, I got to work on anything I needed to fix up. I worked on my Scratch2 projects and my Alice3 project.

Today was a slow and relaxing day which I enjoyed a lot. The whole class did end up going to go get ice cream at the dairy store! I also won one of the top 3 websites in the class and got a bag full of goodies which was really cool :D I had loads of fun today even though it was the last day!

My Overall Thoughts

Over all, I really enjoyed "Alice in Computation Camp." I thought it was a super fun computer programing camp. I learned SOOOOOOOOO much in this camp and I definetely would love to come again next summer! This was my first time ever working with Mac computers, and now I really really really want to have a Mac! I got so used to Mac computers so fast that when I got home and tried to click something on my Windows laptop, I had to remember, "Oh, this is a Windows laptop- not a Mac," because I always wanted to click the whole keypad at once!


That's it for my week in "Alice in Computation Camp!" Bye! :)