hello,my name is sadie and im going to tell you about my first day in alice in computer land camp. first I was a little bit late but then I eventually caught on to what to what we were doing. for lunch we had pizza and soda of our choice which I chose Dr.Pepper which is my most favorite soda of all!:)This camp is really fun I love computers and I am very social my first friend I made was abbie she is very crazy and weird! well bye now:):):):):)!!!!:):):):):)!!!! 

tuesday the second day :

today we were entroduced to scratch 2 which is a edittng app where you can make game and movies

for lunch we had salad and fried chicken so far so good :):):):)):):):)):):)):):):)!!!!!!!!my scratch projecttera eating an orange school preperation game

wensday the third day

today we did our interviews I was in a group of three pepole for lunch we had hot dogs and chips!here is the interviewsadies super interview

my movie