Hello, My Name is Abigail, but you can call me Abbie. Today is the first day of our camp,and we have already learned alot. This camp is really fun, and I really love computers. And Im really exited about World cup. Did you know that the reason why Brazillians are so much better is that they grew up playing on 8v8 feild and we Americans always work are way up about every 4 years.

DAY1: MONDAY we worked with making new webpages and someone came and talked abuot global warning, oil spills, and biologicle engineers. But i did leave early so i didnt do everything

Day 2: TUESDAY We learned how to make games or movies, and then we had a guest speaker. He talked about water droplets and how they join together but it was boring at some parts. But at an overall it was good.

click HERE to see the hurricane game    click HERE to see my Bapples game

Day3: WEDNESDAY today we did interviews if you want to see mine click on the word interviews!!! We also had guest speakers who talked about their job. They work at EA Sports videogames. They made games like FIFA and Mass Effect. I asked them a question about the game FIFA and they answered it and gave me a soccer ball!!!! Then we took a group photo. Then had lunch, and that's about it. See you Tomorrow!!!!

click HERE to see my ocean story

Day4: THURSDAY  today a guest speaker named Jessie Allison came and talked about music, he then used a metal bowl to make beautiful music.Then in the afternoon another speaker came she  talked about becoming a computer scientist at LSU. I also made two movies:

Watch movie one first:                        movie1                      MOVIE2                               

Last day: Friday to day