DAY ONE ...........                                                               
Hello,I am Lily and this week I'll tell you the story of My Alice Computation Land of Fun.The Alice Camp is a camp where a bunch of LSU people help you and teach you about computers.Today I was a little scared to come but I relised I knew more than half the class that came so I wasn't really scared after that.Then the LSU people that were there to help us got us all loged on so we could sta
rt writing our own text page.Later on at about 10:00 they let us go and pick out a snack and I picked out a strawberry kiwi drink and a honey bun and they were fantastic. Then whenever we came back in the room there was a guy in there.The guy that was in there was Dr.Kumar.Dr.Kumar was in there to teach us about fluid dynamics,biogical enjuneering, global warming,oil spills,bridges falling,and other kinds of liquids and substances.Right after that we got to get right back to work on creatin g our website page and then a few minutes later they called us to go and when we went out the room we got to get pizza and soda and they were amazing.Then we got back to work and 30 minutes or 1 hour later we got another snack which was chips and lemonade and I love that and all that leads to now and its 3:31 and we only have 15 more minutes of camp for day one and now I am about to explore on the new computer I get to use.So far Alice In Computation has been AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                             huricane evacuation

                        DAY TWO

     Today is day 2 and we got to explore when we first got in there whie we were waiting until it was 9:00 because thats when we start.Then we got to get on and explore before we got on the app to get used to what we were going to do.Then we actually got on the app and we were all asigned to make a game about packing stuff you would need if there was a hurricane about to hit.Then Mr.shawn W. Walker came and talked to us about wter droplets,glistering droplets,and a lot more stuff I coud talk about but I wont because it takes up my time.then right after that we got a snack and i only got a drink because my sister took the last honey bun and i didnt like the other stuff they had.Then we got back to work on Scratch.After that we got an amazing lunch which was salad,chicken,corn,and mashed potatoes with gravy.We also got a soft drink to go with it.Then we got back to work on Scratch and got to play and explore.Then we got a snack which was cookies and lemonade.Right after that we got to get back on Scratch and had to send the game to our website and we got to finish up all that and now we have to leave.

                  DAY THREE

        Today is day three and it was probably the day I had the most fun because we did an interview and I was partners with Abbie.She is soooo fun to be around.

               DAY FOUR

TODAY is day four and Jesse Allison can and taught us about Experimental Music and Digital Media (EMDM).He also taught us about Vessel Of Meditation at ICMC 2011.Then he told us about The Humming Mississippi and that  it was actually in our building!!!!!!!!So then we got to go see it and it was cool!!Then these other people came I forgot their names but they were from LSU and they were telling us about LSU enjineering club and it sounds pretty cool.