Monday: Hi, I'm Bryanna and I'm going to tell about my week at the Alice In Computerland camp. This camp teaches us more about computers and how to use them. On the first day we started picking our backgrounds, then we listened to a man talk about engineering, then we ate pizza for lunch, and after that we worked on our web pages and then had another snack.We had a lot of fun.

Tuesday: Today was very exciting, we had another guest speaker today. We  had a morning snack and then we worked on scratch. We created a scriptand charictor and made a skit. Then we had lunch and began making a game. After we had a second snack and made another game. Today was definutualy excting
My first game

Wednessday: Today was realy cool. First we played on Scratch for a while. Then we listened to our guest speaker who were from EA gameing they were realy cool.Next we woked on somthing like Scratch called Alice3. It was realy cool.Then we made our interviews which was fun.

My alice project

My Interview