Hi,I'm going to tell you day by day what happens in Computationland. Computationland is at Alice Camp, where I work to develop my computer skills. Now to tell you about me, I play soccer and am a fairly good hurdler.

MONDAY: The First Day

    Today I started making the website you are currently reading. Earlier we had a guest speaker whose name is Dr.Kumar. He taught us about chemical and biological engineering. After he left I ate pizza and started working again afterwards.                                  





    Today we had another vistor, he was an engineer turned mathematician. He showed us how much math had to do with science. After he left we started to build a game that teaches you about hurricane  preparedness, you can play if you click the link next to this. hurricane preparedness

we're all mad here

                                                               Were All Mad Here


    Today we had Sarah and Patrick come from the EA ( Electronic Arts ) center that is two floors up. After we worked on a  program called Alice, here is the link to what I made : The Guardians. The main point of today was to create interviews on iMovie. Click this link to see it : The Q.A.
    HI :}    
                   HI ; }


    Today Jesse, a sound engineer, came and explained how to make one sound vary in pitch. We went a floor up to see the humming mississippi a bunch of wooden blocks that feed live data sounds from the Mississippi River. Afterwards I updated the Alice video which is still in the link above. Next a lady from the College of Engineering came and told us a little about it and the different branches of engineering.

                                                                                            Good Morning

    We didn't have any guest today but instead we made a video game that you can see if you click this link : Invasion
its a game where you try to defeat the final boss in order to win.