Hi,my name is Grace this week i'm going to tell you about my alice adventure.This alice adventure is about how to use computers and how to devlop your skills.


MONDAY:The First Day

It's ourfirst day and we are working on web pages. Dr.Kumar came and
talked to us about fluid dynamics. It was so cool and fascinating to learn
about and it really did help me understand.


Today we started to make a game and people got to show theirs if they were done and theirs was really cool and kind of hard to figure out but still cool. Also today a man came and talked to us about (Engineering
to mathemathics). It was very cool and interesting to learn and he showed
us a few videos of water droplets moving very fast it was kind of
weird and interesting to see.


MY MOVIE: Today two people came and talked to us their names were
Patrick and Sarah from the EA (Electronic Arts).
It was awsome for
people to come in and talke about video games and how they make them
and test them.Also we made this cool picture\video project it was so fun
I never wanted to stop! myinterveiw\


Today we and two visiters one came in the morning and two people came in the afernoon. The first person who came his name was Jesse
Allison he came and talked to us about music and sounds and showed
us how to attach other sounds to make one sound it was amazing to
listen to the weird sounds.Then he showed us a short video with the moon and he made thesound to the video.It was very scary and frightining but it was cool too. The other people who came they talked
to us about The College of Engineering it us very interesting I might
think about The College of Engineeringit sounds cool!

My Movie:


Today is the last day my alice adventure I had an awsome time with my friends Briana,Amelia,Milan,Abby,Bryanna,Lily, and Sadie. I hope I will see them again except Lily because she is my sister. I hope to come back next year and see them again and also the helpers to because they were awsome, funny, and very helpful they made it a little bit easier to understand how to save the programs and how to do it. Out of all the camps I have
been to this one was the BEST I have ever been to. I had ALOT of fun here and I hope the others girls had fun too.