Hello there! I'm Kate. This week I will be typing what happens in the "Alice in Computation Land" computer camp! This mainly consists of sitting in a fabulous spinny chair. I'm kidding - I have no idea what's in store for me this week - THAT'S WHY I HAVE THIS HANDY-DANDY WEBSITE TO DOCUMENT IT!


So today I learned what "html" stands for: "hyper text mark-up language." Now I feel smarter :D. We also introduced ourselves. We told how old we are, our name, what job we wanted, what school we went to, and what we did on the weekend. We also looked at older websites that former campers made. THEN THEY TOLD US THEY WOULD BE A CONTEST FOR BEST WEBSITE. That freaked me out. I'm probably not going to win - but I'll try to be the very best! After that, Mr.Kumar, a liquid engineer came in and talked about engineering and how important it is. It was actually more interesting than I thought. If I didn't have my heart set on being an architect, I would've maybe been an engineer!


Hello Website! Today I got here in the rain,  luckily I had a hoodie on! Actually, it's been raining all day! I like it though; it's somehow more peaceful.  Also, we learned about Scratch, which is basically a game/movie/animation creator. There are many colorful buttons, which makes my head ache very much. But, I still got it done! My first creator was a bit silly, but I like it. Scratch is amazing! Oh,  andMr. Shawn Walker came and talked to us about the "control theory" which is studying how and why things move. I also found this more  interesting than I thought it would be. Lunch was good- chicken, salad, and a biscuit! Yum!

My Second Scratch thingy- kinda unfinished. Get 15 points to win!

Here is my first Scratch thingy.


 Woo! Today was the best! Today we learned about a new program called "Alice." It's a bit like Scratch, but 3D and more complicated. You can make the characters joints move, so thats an improvement.  After that (and lunch-mmm hamburgers!) we got to interview others. I edited my interview with IMovie. IMovie is an application used to edit film. My interview was kind of silly, just like my first Scratch project. I added bloopers and special effects. It turned out great!

My Interview

Here is my weird Alice Project


Todaaaay we two presentations: one about LSU engineering and another about sound engineering. Both quite interesting, but I won't go into any details. It was kinda "OH HEY PLEASE CONSIDER DOING THIS OK." Yeah.  It was still interesting to learn about their classes. Anyway, I was told to bring money tomorrow because we're going to the Dairy Store, so hopefully I'll remember. Other people showed off their Alice projects and websites, most of which were funny. Mine's kind of funny, too, but I was too shy to go up. Even though I'm older than most of the other campers, I still get kind of scared of standing and speaking. I don't know, maybe that'll change.

FRIDAY!: The LAST Day :( !

Sadly, today is the last day of Alice in Computation Land. Today we learned about "Game Salad." AAAAGGGHHH IT WAS SO CONFUSING. Anyway, we edited some other person's game. I replaced the background, and added some rules. Like all my other projects, it was silly :). AND YAAAAAY WE'RE GOING TO THE ICE CREAM SHOP. Well I guess this is my last entry. We defeated the evil queen, slayed the dragon, and caught em' all. Our journey has come to an end. Unless, of course, there's another season - that means coming next year, which I will definitely do.