Hi, I'm Chandler and this week I will tell you all about my adventures in Computationland. The purpose of this camp is to help kids learn more about computers and their programs. Welcome to my website as a result of it.


Today was the first day of camp. After everyone introduced theirselves and said a little about themself, we started learning how to use the Macbooks on the desks. It is a completely different operating system than Windows. We got a snack and a guest speaker came. He talked about fluid mechanics and how it affects everyday life. Once he left, we continued making our webpages until pizza for lunch came. I am actually excited for the coming week unlike before I had came.


We mostly used scratch to make three different games/animations. They were a dance party, a hurricane preparation game, and our own idea for a game. Scratch is free, so I may use it at home too.Another guest speaker came to talk about math and engineering.
It was very similar to yesterday's presentaion about fluid engineering.


Today was a more relaxed day and it started with people from EA coming to speak to us. They apparently test and work on games only two floors above us. We then had free time until lunch came. After lunch, we had our group picture on the stairs and we started our interviews. I did mine with Lindsey and it was really fun. We also worked in Alice3 and created a story in it.


A sound engineer came to talk to us and showed at lot of videos making it easier to explain. We finished our Alice3 projects and mine was about an alien invasion in this familys house. My movie was strange, but compared to others it was much more normal. I really don't want camp to end tomorrow, but it might be nice ffor the weekend between the two camps