Alice Adventure


My name is Briana. This week I will tell you about my adventure at Alice Camp. In Alice Camp I am going to learn how to make a web page.


Today we had a guest speaker. Also, I got to make this web page. It was really fun learning how to make a web page. I learned a lot of cool tricks to make this web page.


Today we had another guest speaker. We made a Scratch project. First we made a comic strip. After that we designed our own game. It was so fun making this because I was able to make it by myself with a little bit of help.

My scratch project. 

Watch my Interview


Today we had two guest speakers from EA Sports. Also, we interviewed our camp mates. Mine is linked up top. It was SO fun because I got to do it with my friends. Also we learned how to use Alice software. We were able to move stuff around so that

it looked real.


Today we had a guest speaker. He was really cool. We also got to work more on our alice project. We had a good lunch today. We got to go upsairs to look at a really cool thing that our guest speaker brought!

Bre with Alien FriendBre & Ms Terrie

Bre & Earthquake Sadie

my alice project
My space project

Today we got to make a game on gamesalad! It was so much fun! We also got to finsh our alice project! We had an awesome lunch today! It was pizza my favorite! The linkes to my alice project an the link to my game is up top! I had SO much fun at alice camp. I can't wait to come back next year!

As you can see i had alot of fun at alice camp. I am definatly coming back next year! I hope you had fun looking at my web page! BYE

         -LOVE BRIANA

me and ms. terriephoto bomerme and grace