Hi! I'm Caroline, and also known as
CDogChuck and Malibu Barbie by friends. Throughout this webpage I'll be describing everything we've been doing throughout our week at Alice and Computation Land Camp. At this camp we've been learning and are being taught how to program, make our own website, design a video game and also learning about the process in which it takes to produce a video game, and also learning about animation. We're pretty much learning more about computers and what types of programs you can use.

  Monday:The First Day 

 Today was our first day, obviously by the title. When we first got here we introduced ourselves to everyone and went ahead and got to working on the computer. When it came time to starting our website, we looked for photos to use as our background. Dr. Kumar came in to encourage and talk to us about engineering and the wonders to it

TUESDAY: The Second Day

 Today , we started working on scratch and 
 making our own stories and games. We had a  
 speaker today also come in and talk to us about 
 simulations in experiments, electoids, mesh 
 simulation, shape optimization, also how he
 uses triangular mesh to determine what its 
 physics are. We also had some good fooD. MASH 

 Scratch Project : ADivergentStory.sb2

  Wednesday : The Third Day

oday, We went on and started working on 
 previous projects we had worked on yesterday. 
 We had two guest speakers come from the EA
 network who's names were patrick lamont and
 sarah wilson chavez. I really enjoyed listening
 because they made the sims which is my
 favorite game. we also started working with
 the softwares called alice and imovie, which i
 have used before since i came last year. We
 interviews and started on little mini short
 stories/animations. I haven't finished editing
 any of my stuff. I still have to finish my
 scratch design, alice, and also our interview.
 Lots of work for sure. But im enjoying
 everything we've been doing and i've had a
 really fun time so far


Thursday : The Fourth Day

 Today we continued working on our Alice and 
 Scratch projects. We had a guest come today 
 named Mr.Jesse Allison who teaches 
 Experimental Music and Digital Media. He 
 showed us how he makes and produces 
 different  sounds and music through his 
 computer. He also showed us pitch shifting and 
 showed a video of himslef making pitches with 
 only using a bowl. He took ou his iPad and 
 showed us an app he made called either 
 Synthistasia or Sensitasia.He lateer than 
 showed us two of his pieces called Humming 
 Mississippi and The Moon which had actual 
 digital photos of the moon's surface.Lastly he 
 took upstairs and showed us the pieces of wood 
 that all had different sounds and pitches. We 
 also had tarika Jmaison and Stell aubrey ( I 
 think) come and talk to us about Engineering 
 and computer science degrees you can get at 

!link to see my mini clip of yetizilla! Yetizilla.a3p