Hi it's MIAAAAAAAA, and Im going to tell you how I wondered into computation land and what I did.

On Monday:It was the first day. To start off we stood up and said our names, age, school and what we did over the weekend it got us to know everyone then we got to know a little about our teachers. Next we started with the basics of first creating our website by choosing our background then we took a break and our guest speaker  Mr. Kumar arrived. He told us about fluid sciences the study of diffrent types of liquids such as oil.He also taught us about how they effect things such as people and new things coming out such as there are new shots where instead of a needle now they will use air so you won't feel anymore pain or fear of needles.
THANK GOD Then after we worked on our webpage more.

On Tuesday: We started on this software called scratch. First we started working on our dance party then we made our Hurricane Evacuation Game.It's where it prepares you for things you need to bring in case of evacuation.It was kind of hard when i started but then it got easier Then we  had a guest speaker,Mr walker he talked about engineering such as water droplets and glistening about how they move.

On Wendsday

 Hurricane Evacuation Game