Hi, I'm Sophia and this is my Mad Adventure in Computation Land. I hope you enjoy!

These are all the things I have done throughout the week! Enjoy :)

Monday - Today we worked on our web pages. We learned how to put images on our web pages, set a background, and add text to our page. So far the camp is really fun and I am enjoying learning how to use a Macintosh computer! I have never really used one before and it is a little complicated, but I am getting used to it. Dr. Nantakumar, (Kumar) came and talked about fluid mechanics. He taught us that fluid mechanics are just mechanical things, such as cars, run by different fluids, like water and air. We learned that while choosing your background you need to be mindful of what color text you use. That way, all the words that you type are legible.

Tuesday - Today we got onto scratch and made a dance party animation, hurricane preparation game, and our very own game from our imagination. I made mine about shopping! We had a geust speaker come in and talk about engineering and math. I like that with scratch you can make your own games and animations for free.

Wednesday - Today we made our interviews. I did mine with a girl named Bryana. She interviewed me and I interviewed her. We also had people from Ea come and talk about their jobs. After they came and left we had about 30 minutes of free time to play games, listen to music and more. We also explored Alice3 which is where you can make animations and stories about whatever you want.

Thursday - Today we started by showing some of our webpages and/or or Alice three animations and scenes. After that we had our snack while Mr. Allison came and talked to us about how he makes music using instruments and computers. It was really interesting to see how you can make beautiful muic while only using a few pitches and then modifying them on a computer.

Friday - Today we are going to the LSU dairy store to get ice cream. Last time I went it was for a different camp on campus at U - High. They are also going to judge our websites today. They will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd  place winners.

Hurricane Scratch Game


Alice Animation File

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