First Day

Today I learned all about programming!There are lots of ls', nanos, angle brackets and mvs! We're making our websites right now! It's quite complex! We had to find cute baground pics!


Second Day

Oh No! I missed snack! I had to take a math placement test for my new school! Its alright, though.
For our "homework", which was to write the instructions on how to make a perfect peanutbutter and jelly sandwich! It was HILARIOUS! We had to "program" two of our helpers, if you said "get 2 peices of bread" they cant because they have to open the bread first!  
  Aside from that we made little animated movies on Scratch. Mine was more silly than serious!
We learned how to use the program Scratch to make an animation or games. Scratch comes from MIT. scratch program.

third day
picture day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My alice shirt hangs to my knees! LOL! Today we learned all about alice programming! I made two videos! something happened with the audio system and it was very creepy! First the audio wouldn't work, then it randomly started playing music! luckilly, we got it to stop.

fourth day
more alice programming! I made so many programs, but aside from that we didnt do much. Kind of a "bland" day.

Last day!
Nooo!  Its the last day, but the best!LOL! We get to go to the dairy shop to get ice cream and a tour of the super computer!  It was soooooooooo fun and tasty!