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My First Day.

This morning has been one of the most hectic I have had in a long time. I was the only one out of my family besides my mom who had to wake up early and take a shower before 8:00. I got to the camp a little early with my Aunt Kathy who is the teacher here. It has been pretty cool so far, we learned how to program a website wich is pretty much what I had to do to be able to create this website. Today we also had pizza from Papa John's and coke for lunch. It was alot better than what I usualy have at regular school.So I basicly had a great day and hope that I can have an even better one tomorrow.


Today is Tuesday!-^_^-

Different Kinds of Food

  • American Cuisine
  • Comfort Food
  • Spicey Food
  • My Favorite Kinds Of Food

    1. Pizza
    2. Wendy's
    3. Ramen Noodles
    We learned how to use the program Scratch to make an animations or games. Scratch comes from MIT. AHAH! You MUST have the scratch program. OOOOOHHHHHH Here is My Scratch Program. Today has been a great day! We TRIED to "program" Chris and Brandon, the student teachers, on how to make a peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches. It was very fun and it kind of made me feal weird when I smelled the peanutbutter!We also finished putting all of our blogs online and are about to eat lunch. Today we have had alot of fun and I can't wait to come back tomorrow.

    It's Wednsday!

    Today has been a Great Day! We have been listening to music, exploring on Alice, and took a personality test! Today was also picture day so that was realy interesting! We smiled, made silly faces, seriouse faces, and superhero pozes! I also got called funsized, short, a midget, dinomite, and a jellybean. For pictureday we also all had to were the same designed shirts. Now I am sitting in my seat adding to my blog thinking of what my friend Matthew's face is going to be like when I tell and prove to him that I know more about programing than he does!-^_^- So that closes this addition to my blog! My Snapshot My Alice Video My 2nd Alice Video. My 3rd Alice Video.

    It is Thursday!

    Today so far has been a pretty good day. I made a new video that you can click on above. I also wrote this blog and ate a snack so that is pretty much all I did this morning except my mom and one of my little sisters are going back home, so I get to stay here in Louisiana with my Nonnie and My other sister that came. We are going to have a party and visit family that I never get to see. I am just waiting for Saturday to roll around so that I can see all of my family at home, however I am in no hury to leave family and camp over here. Although, I would rather be at home with the person I miss the most, my Nanna D. That's all for today, so I will write to you tomorrow!


    Today is my last day and is going to be the funnest. We are going to take a tour of the engineering room where my Uncle Ike works! afterwards we will go to the dairy store to get icecream. My Nonnie, my Granny, and my little sister who stayed, Hannah are all going with me and we are going to have a great time! However, we are recently wirking on making games on Gamesalad. I was having a bit of trouble with it, and by a bit I mean I didn't understand it at all! I am leaving to head home tomorrow and see my family at home where we can play and I can brag and show them what I got to do here at camp.-^_^- Well I have to go eat lunch, so bye and I will write to you next summer hopefully with my little sister Hannah.