Stuff I Wanna Talk About (Kinda).

First Day

I'm pretty sure that no one will ever read this except the ones who really want to. But anyways, today was my first day at this camp called Alice in Computational Land. Maybe I should introduce myself. I'm Evonne. I like lots of things, which can be boiled down to several points: Art,Unicorns,Potatoes,and Anime. Did I mention music and books? At the time I am writing this, I'm going to 8th grade. Our teachers want us to make websites. That's why this exists. I'm only in this camp because my parents enrolled me. I met a few people i know here, and our teachers say we're going to do stuff like animation. I'm not that excited over it. However, this is the only place I get to listen to music because I'm grounded from the computer and books for the WHOLE summer. But that's all for today.


Day 2

Today I was the earliest person here besides one other person. (Agghh, sounds awkward...) So I decided to play Animal Jam while listening to Vocaliod music... that's all for now.

search patato otaku images

(sorry for lack of pictures yesterday. my backgound is now a fairy tail symbol, The girl w/ the blue hair is Miku. Some pictures don't show up...T^T)

mylittleponie lunaandcelestia

I like My Little Pony for some reason...

We're gonna make lists. This is what I like. (Notice the 0's.)

Moar Stuffz.

  1. My list(s) turned out weird..
  2. I'm
  3. A
  4. Otaku.

This is in KompoZer... Pretty cool!
And this!
So I learned how to use KompoZer.. : )

Wow! I didn't expect scratch to be so ... intresting! I made a game called BALLGAME. All I need to do now is to make an account, and download Scratch editor.You can get Scratch HERE.:D

This is my Scratch program.


Day 3

I was early... again... and I played Animal Jam.... again... and listened to music...again... XD So I went home yesterday and downloaded Scratch.(Btw the link no work) Here's a few more pictures.



Hey! Me again.(we took a personality test too.)Our teachers introduced us to Alice and I had lots of fun with it.ARGH I NEED TO PUT IT ON HERE


Day 4!

I WAS EARLY AGAIN AND DID THE SAME THINGS >///< Right now we are sharing our websites.

Today I did MORE Alice. Mrs.Kathy taught us some Python. That was about it. Here, some pictures.

AnimalJam_1 images copy

Tommorrow is the last day! >//< This week passed so fast! Bye!


OH NOES! TODAY IS THE LAST DAY >///< I WAS EVEN EARLIER THAN USUAL.... Anyways, today I made a playlist and learned how to make a game in GameSalad. It was pretty fun. I'm going to miss this camp, it was so much fun! We're going to the dairy store, and while we're there, the judges will judge our websites. Ok, time for pictures.

imgres images copy