My Alice Camp Site

1st Day

We learned how to use lynex. We also had pizza for lunch, which was amazing.

What We Had for Lunch

One of the best bands ever

2nd Day

Today I pretty much get what were doing. we learned how to do scratch, which was easy. We also had to write how to make a peanut butter a jelly sandwhich and two helpers had to make it exactly how we wrote it

The best Alice in Wonderland Character

  You can get scratch here

3rd Day

Today we learned how to do Alice wich was pretty cool. We also had a guest speaker, who gave us a personality test to figure out who was most like us in the class. We had picture day to, so we had to where our orange Alice shirts we got on the first day.

4th Day

Today we showed our webpages and were taught how to move some of the characters in Alice 3 more smoothly. We learned another programming language called Python.

Last Day

Today is my last day at camp, We had 2 guest speakers, one was Dr. Scott Hagen and the other was some people from EA games. Were going to the Dairy Store and we also used Gamesalad to create a game. We watched The Hitchikers Guide Through the Galaxy.


Do it now, Remember it later- Sleeping With Sirens