First Day

I had a few troubles setting everything up, but I got everything running fine once I figured out the problems. Today wasn't too fun, but that was only because I had a lot of trouble figuring everything out. I think tomorrow should be better. Today we had pizza from Papa John's. It was so good. Papa John's is my favorite place to get pizza. Even though it is expensive!:)

Food We Had To Today

  1. Granola Bar and Apple Juice
  2. Pizza and Water
  3. Comsic Bronwie and Pink Lemonade

Second Day

Today I am having fun! So far I got my first look at my Web page. I also learned how to upload our content to the web page. Also we learned how to make lists. We also learned how to use Kompozer and Scratch.

My Scratch video

Ariel is the best princess

Best Character from Alice in Wonderland!

Third Day

Today we learned how to use Alice 3. We also had a guest speaker when he was talking he passed out a personialty test. Then, we compared with the people around us. The person who the closest answers to me was one of my best friends. To check out her page it's 905. Today was also picture day. We all had to wear the orange t-shirt they gave to us on the first day.Today was really fun. It was beter than yesterday. Even though yesterday was really fun. I hope tomorrow is even more fun. Everyday gets better than the last.

Best Books Ever!!

Fourth Day

Today we showed each other our web pages.My nemo picture today matches my nemo sweatshirt. We also learned how to make the characters in Alice 3(the icon)do jumping jacks and things like that.Hannah also got an award. After that we got to do what ever we wanted. For lunch we had fish, bread, cookies, green beans, and mac-n-cheese. We also had a guest speaker. He was one of the helpers.

My Favorite Animal


Last Day

Today we had two guest speakers. There names were Dr. Scott and Sarah. We also are going to get ice cream and go on a tour to look at some high-tec computers. When are getting ice cream and looking at the computers some people are to judge our web pages. I think there is going to be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. We also learned how to use Game Salad. It was really confusing to me. We also watched a movie called Hitch-Hikers Guide through the Galaxy.

This is my last entry. I hope you liked my page!<3:)

My Favorite Band