My Alice Camp Experience

Good Day Viewers! Hiba welcomes you to her webpage about the Alice in Computation Summer Camp! I had many fun experiences in this camp and learned a lot about different computer concepts! Join me while I explain website, animation, and programming features through this web blog.

First Day At Camp

Today I was very excited to FINALLY see what this camp could offer! I developed skills in creating my own webpage through many complex steps. I now (proudly) know what a home directory is, what commands such as ls are, and how to insert photos/backgrounds into the webpage. A guest speaker also stopped by to inform us about the world of video game creating and the benefits of commiting to this career in the future. I couldn't eat anything today because I was fasting, but I did notice what was served. A list is provided below:

Foods Provided Today


We were given an assignment on the first day to create steps on how to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.


Second Day At Camp

I couldn't wait to come back today and learn more about computers! We started out transferring our webpage into the official Alice in Computation website. Next, we turned in our homework assignments in turn for a funny comedy bit with a few teachers! I learned that being very detailed is the only way to ensure that a computer will understand your instructions. Towards the middle of the day, we set off on a journey to create our very own SCRATCH games/stories. I also had the opportunity to share my school's robotic SCRATCH app! Today I wasn't fasting, so I enjoyed many delicious foods!

Foods Eaten Today (scroll down)

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