My alice camp site page

First day!!!!

Today was fun. We learned everybody's name and what they did over the weekend and other things. We learned We learned how to make a web page. We had pizza for lunch. I'll never forget my first day at camp. I can't wait for tomorrow. We learned new codes and things like that in terminal.


Second day!!!!!

  1. We learned how to make unordered and ordered lists.
  2. For homework we had to write how to make a PBJ.
  3. The counslers were the computers and someone told them what to do. It did'nt work out very well!!!!
  4. Then we had lunch.
  5. After that we went on Scratch and made a video anamation thing.
  6. Tomorrow will be fun.

Third day!!!!!

We finished putting Scratch on our website.Then, we had to take pictures. I think I looked cute. After that we went to lundh and then we had a guest speaker. We took a personalaty test and of course alli was the one closest to me. now we are just playing around on scracth and alice.

You MUST have the Scratch editor to run this program. you can get Scratch here. you can see my video here. My scratch program.

Fourth day!!!!!

Today we are doing new things in Alice. We made new one. Then lunch. We watched a movie a little longer than we wanted but it was good. we learned 3 langages in python. Mr. Phinox came to speak with us. He did a good job. Tomorrow will be fun.

Final Day!!!!!!!!!

We worked on Gamesalad and I almost blew my mind out. It was soooooo confusing. but then i got to relax myself when a speaker came in. we went to the machine room. then .............ICE CREAM TIME!!!!!!!! Ill never forget this camp.