My First Day

First we learned everyones names.My favorite animal is a horse. Second we learned how to give commandes on the terminal. Then we learned how to program on the nano. For lunch we had pizza.


My Second Day

My scratch program. You can get Scratch here.

Third Day: Picture Day

Today we had pictures, though I think I blinked on a few. Then we went back to the classroom and learned how to work on a program called Alice. After that a speeker came in and talked to us a little about personalities.Then we worked on alice for the rest of the time.(I like alice better than Scratch).

My Fourth Day

First we worked on a new alice project (mine is realy good).Then for lunch we had catfish. After lunch we learned how to program with python wich includes a lot of typing but is a litlle easier than other programs.Then we programed some more on alice.:)


First a speeker came in to talk to us about erosions, and hurricane paths. Then learned how to program on Game Salad or played on online games.For lunch we had pizza. Then another speeker came in and talked to us about electronic arts (EA). Then we all got a peeps. Then we go to an icecream store. After that we went to