Alice in Computation Land

My first week completing computation in Alice's Computation Land went kinda like this ...

 Monday :Day 1!~ When you first walk through the buildings front doors the smell of electronics fills your nose until you grab your name-tag and t-shirt and walk in the electronic filled room ,then your nose is filled with only the sweet and savory smell of hope as it fills your mind completely . After you get settled in you are introduced to your class of bright-minded peers for the week.After you are introduced to your peers it is time for snack ! Snacks include~

We also started to create a website that will be sort of a personalized diary of my week at camp.


Tuesday : Day 2!~Alice in computation land has yet to give me any reason to be happy that this is a one time camp . Really . Today we learned how to do scratch which is really cool after you get the hang of it . Lunch was the bomb [boom] , it was chicken fingers with sauces ,green beans,potatoes,and corn which were delicious. 

Wednesday : Day 3!~ Wow , I have learned so much in these last two days ..listen , just today we learned how to make an alice project , which by the way is kinda like scratch ...but it runs much smoother and allows you more freedom as an independent writer to change and make edits as quick as you need to . I always have thought that lunch was too nice and thoughtful , because at school we don't really get real lasagna - it was the cheesiest lasagna i have ever had {sorry mom}. We took pictures too today, which were hilarious ! We took so many wacky pictures i was dying laughing - notlitterally !.I enjoyed today and i can't wait 'til tomorrow.

My first ALICE movie