My Alice Webpage

Day 1:

 Today was the first day. It was a lot of fun meeting my friends again and learning more about computers. This morning, we learned about linux commands and how to use terminal. We had pizza for lunch. Then we learned how to make webpages    and listened to the guest speaker talk about the gaming industry. Later, we worked some more on our webpages and it was time to go home. Today had been a great day and I can't wait till tomorrow!


Day 2:

Today was even more fun! First, we updated out webpages. Next, we learned how to make lists on our webpage. We had a morning snack and then learned abou
Kompozer, another webpage editing sofware. Then we had chicken fingers, corn, green beans, cookies, and drinks for lunch. Later,  we  made scratch projects. I made mine with my friend Rachel:

  My Scratch Program- Click on this and go to "My Scratch Program" to access our scratch program.
You MUST have the scratch editor to run this program.
You can get Scratch at

Day 3:
Today was so much fun! In the morning, we started on alice programs. We also took pictures in the theater. Alice is like scratch, except it's more complex. There wasn't much today, but Alice was really fun! Theres all type of commands you can do to make your sprite talk, move, and evern dance! We had lasagna, beans, and cookies for lunch. Later, we presented our alice projects. This is mine:
My Alice Project
Click on it to view my movie!

Day 4:
Today we did a lot of stuff. First, we made more alice and scratch programs. Next,  we had a morning snack. Later, we worked some more on our programs and had lunch. There was fish, green beans, mac&cheese, and cookiues for lunch. Later, we learned about python and learned how to do math with python. Tomorrow is also our last day of camp. We are going to go get ice cream for afternoon snack tomorrow and tour the computation building of LSU. While we are gone, our webpages are going to be judged. I'm sure i won't get a prize because my friend Rachel says that mine is bad. But it doesn't really matter. What matters is what i have learned this week.

Day 5:
Today is the last day. It was a lot of fun at camp these few days. This morning, a guest speaker came in and talked to us about coastal computation. Miss Kathy explained to us how people keeps track of hurricanes and diseases. Then we had pizza for lunch. Next we had a guest speaker from EA (electronic arts) telling us about the industry. In 25 minutes, we will be going to the computer building and getting ice cream!