Alice Camp



Today at Alicecamp we started learning the basic commands on terminal. After we had a basic understanding of the commands, we learned how to put the titles, headings, and body text onto a website. Finally, we put the websites on the internet. I'm excited that I was actually able to make a website, even if I am still working on it. Later in the day, a video game programmer came and gave us a speech on how he grew up and began helping to create video games. His name was Dr. Marc It was very interesting, because I really like animating and programming, too! Once we leave, Mrs. Kathy will put all of our websites onto the web for people to see. Here is a Link to the website we used to learn some of the programming on our websites:



Today when I walked in, Mrs. Kathy taught us how to save our websites from nano to the internet. Then, someone else taught us how to make ordered lists and unordered lists. He then showed us how to hide any programming that we didn't want there.Then we had someone read out the instructions we had made on making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It didn't turn out exactly how I expected! Later on, we started to learn how to use scratch. I made a game where you pack for a hurricane! Here is the link to it: My Scratch Progect You MUST have the scratch editor to run this program! You can dowload the progect through the link, then open in the scratch website link. My Scratch from MIT.


Today we started using a 3-D program called Alice. It's kind of like scratch, but it is more complex. Here is the link to the one that I made: Alice 3 animation It was really fun, and I made another program on scratch. Here is the link: My Scratch Progect Also, a guy named Mr. Dennis came in and had us fill out a sheet about our personalities and draw pictures that represented each personality. Then, we compared it to other people. I exactly matched one person, and I was pretty close to some other people. Tommorrow, Mr. Dennis will come back to tell us who drew the prettiest pictures.


Today we used Alice, Scratch, and Terminal some more. Mr. Dennis came back, and he gave the art award to a girl named Hannah. She was really excited! Anyway, we finished watching a movie at lunch,and then Ms. Kathy taught us Python! It was really cool, because we told the computer to add four numbers, and it did!Today was even more fun than any of the other days! At the end of the day, Mr. Pheonix told us about librairiesand archives, and a bunch of other cool things that they could do. For example, he showed us how to look at connections between different musicians on a huge web of musicians/ artists!!!

Pusheen Friday!

Today a man named Mr. Scott came in, and he gave us a speech on his job, which is to guess how "long" waves will act when we have hurricanes here! He also told us that short waves are effected by the pull of gravity from the moon, and long waves happen because of things like tsunamis and hurricanes. It was very interesting! Then, Ms. Kathy showed us a website called Shodor. It has a bunch of different interactive activities and lessons. I made this tesselation with it:


Then, Ms. Kathy showed us something called Game Salad. It is where you program a game that people can play. You post it on, or save it. It was kind of hard, a lot harder than scratch or alice! Anyways, I'm really sad that today is the last day :( On th bright side, we get to go see the computer room! I'm excited to do that! Then we get ICE CREAM! YUM! Just now, some managers/workers from the EA gaming company just came here, and they told us about their jobs! We're about to go tour the computer room.