name: jenny

age: 14

grade: 9

Day One

today was the first day of camp. we began by learning a few basic commands. the first thing i learned in programming is the command "ls". the command "ls" is short for the word list. below is a list of all the commands learned.

we then learned a little bit of history. as it turns out, computers were not always easy to use.

we also had breaks for snacks and lunch. it was a good time to talk to friends.

afer lunch, someone came to talk to us about his job. he talked to us about how he first started off as producing a show and then later he changed to programming for video games. it was really cool!

towards the end of the day, the counselors decided it would be "fun" to give us homework. the homework assignment was to describe how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. then, tomorrow, we will see how our instructions work.

Basic List of Commands