Day1 in Computationland

After falling down this "rabbit hole"(Going through the door), it's been kind of confusing.I think all of this information is going to make my brain explode. There is too much computer stuff to learn. The counselers told us that I need to remember all of the commands to make things. I think it might drive me crazy.TOO MANY COMMANDS!!! The commands I learned today are:ls= list, ls -l= long list view, ls Desktop= what you have on your desktop, mkdir title= make directory, mv=move, mv title/ Desktop=move to desktop, ls Dow= list downloads,cd=change directory ,pwd= tells you where you are, cd..=go back one directory, nano title.html= new file. That's just the commands,although I thought there would be more, at least my brain wont explode. I learned about Unix (Im not exactly sure how it's spelled). It is a language some people wrote to create an operating system so they could play SPACE WARS!!!(IDK if this is right or not, my dad told me it wasnt but Ms. Kathy told us that, or I just wasn't paying attention.). I also learned why these commands are so short, it's because the keys on computers were so big and stiff that they were hard to press so they made commands short so they were easier to type.A guest speaker guy came and talked to us about how technology has impacted videogames.He showed us all of the games he has worked on over the years, and how the graphics and motions have changed.


Cheshire cat


  • we are learning how to make lists right now
  • This is my list
  • My list iz Coolier than yourz

More Stuff

  1. This list has numbers instead of dots itz so cool!
  2. YAY numbers!!!

Today I learned how to use Scratch and I created a game, it's about a hippo made of oranges who needs to collect supplies for a tornado. We also learned how to comment out things which means that it is in the program but you cant see it on the website. I also saw that problemsolving is hard. We tried to write directions on how to make a PB&J but we werent specific enough and most of the sandwiches were just jars in between bread. We also used KompoZer it was easier than this(html);)

My Computational Scratch Program! You MUST have the Scratch editor to run the program. You can get Scratch here.

Day3 of Computationland

Today we are learning how to use the program Alice. We are just learning the basics.After lunch a guest speaker came and talked to us about how there are algorithms for lots of things and who has the most similar personality to us. When he left we started working on our alice projects. Music started playing and it turned out that it was autoplays fault, but at least the sound for the projector started working.Alice is a lot more fun than scratch, even though it is pretty much a 3D version of Scratch. This is what I made on Alice.My Alice Movie !

Day4 in Computationland

Another Production In Alice!

I got bored this morning so I have AmaZing Pictures;)

Sorry they dont have anything to do with camp!:)

This evening Ms. Kathy taught us some basic python. We learned how to program addition and words. Phoenix came and talked to us about digital humanities. Humanities meaning things like literature and history. There is a museum in London that put their picture database on an app so that the pictures are more publicly accesible. You can look at a picture and a GPS will take you to the place the picture was taken.You ca make the pictures overlay and see what the place looked like a long time ago. In the Oakland museum in California there is a touch panel table so that the maps dont get massed up. It also allows you to magnify areas on the map.The table can take up to 60 touches at a time. You can see the back of the map with information about the map. Digital humanities can be used for lots of other things too.

Day5 in Computationland

Today Dr. Scott C. Hagen came and talked about Coastal Computation. It is using computers to simulate things like hurricanes or coastal errosion. Ms. Kathy showed us a site called (short an dorky).We went to game salad and made games. Well we mosly just edited one.After lunch Sarah Chavez and Patrick who work for WWQA (a recruiter) came to talk to us about game development and how not that many woman work in game development.Wer'e going to take a field trip to the LSU machine room. Then were going to the dairy store after.

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